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Mass Save – Helping Massachusetts Homeowners Budget for Energy Saving Home Service Improvements

If you’re a Massachusetts resident, you have a few options when it comes to budgeting for your new comfort system.  While Heritage Home Service is happy to offer you traditional financing through our third-party partners, customers in our Massachusetts service area also have access to the Mass Save rebate and loan program.  This program offers great incentives towards new energy-efficient system upgrades and home improvements. With the Mass Save program, you can save thousands of dollars in available rebates or even obtain up to $50,000 in interest-free financing for qualifying equipment installations.



Eligibility is based upon specific utility providers that are sponsors of MassSave. Those utility providers are Berkshire Gas, Cape Cod Light, Eversource, National Grid, Liberty, and Unitil.

Which Types of Improvements Qualify for a Rebate?

While the exact make and model of qualifying equipment changes frequently with new regulations and advances in efficiency, most modern comfort equipment labeled as “high efficiency” will qualify for some level of rebate under the Mass Save program. Here is a list of qualifying improvements that can be made with Heritage.

  • Heat Pumps

  • Hybrid Water Heaters

  • Natural Gas / Propane / Oil High Efficiency Furnaces

  • Natural Gas / Propane High Efficiency Boilers

  • Natural Gas / Propane / Oil Indirect Water Heaters

  • Natural Gas / Propane High Efficiency Water Heaters

  • Smart & Programmable Thermostats

What Does Not Qualify?

Any standard efficiency equipment below the required efficiency, as stated on the Mass Save program site, will not qualify for a rebate or loan These requirements change based on fuel type and system.

Note: Our staff have no control over changes to the rebate program, and so it is best to confirm with your Comfort Advisor that your equipment meets the current efficiency requirements prior to installation.

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Get Started with Your Next Installation Project and Qualify for Mass Save Today!

Navigating through the Mass Save program on your own can be daunting.  That’s why our comfort advisors make sure they’re completely knowledgeable and up to date on the Mass Save program for our Massachusetts customers.  We make selecting a qualifying new system easy – and when you’re ready, we can have your new system designed, installed, and running in just a matter of days!  Get the process started by scheduling a FREE in-home quote where we’ll discuss everything you need for a system that will keep you and your family comfortable for years to come.

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