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Are you having trouble getting your gas furnace to ignite? If so, don’t worry: delayed ignition is a common problem with gas furnaces, and it usually isn’t too tough to fix.

A delayed ignition happens when the gas isn’t ignited immediately, so the gas builds up in your furnace and creates a giant flame as a result. Delayed ignition can be caused by a variety of factors. Read on to get your furnace up and running again in no time!

What Causes Delayed Ignition on a Gas Furnace?

  • Dirty burners: Dirty burners are one of the most common causes of delayed ignition in furnaces. Over time, dirt and lint can accumulate and obstruct the flow of gas to the burners. This can prevent the pilot light from igniting or cause a delay in ignition when it does light. It’s important to keep your furnace clean and inspect it regularly to prevent this problem.
  • Electrical issues: Electrical issues can also be the culprit of delayed ignition on a gas furnace. There are several electrical components that can fail and cause delayed ignition, such as the gas valve, the thermostat, or even the circuit breaker. If your furnace trips the circuit breaker, it could be a sign of an electrical issue.
  • Sulfur Buildup: Sulfur is a naturally occurring element in fossil fuels, and it can form deposits on the pilot light and burners when it is burned. This buildup can slow down the ignition process, as the sulfur blocks the flow of gas to the burners. To prevent this buildup, you should regularly inspect and clean your furnace’s pilot light and burners. If you notice any buildup, use a wire brush to gently scrub away the deposits.
  • Rust and corrosion: Over time, corrosion accumulates and can obstruct the gas supply ports to the burners. When these ports get blocked, the burners farther down the line won’t receive the proper amount of gas, which will cause a delay in ignition. To properly address this issue, a professional technician should be called in to inspect and clean the burners and gas supply ports.

How to Prevent Delayed Ignition on a Gas Furnace

Preventing delayed ignition on a gas furnace is crucial for reliable heating performance. The best way to prevent delayed ignition is to have your furnace inspected and serviced annually. Having your furnace inspected and cleaned before each heating season can help make sure that dust, lint, and other debris don’t accumulate and cause problems.

A professional technician will be able to identify any potential problems, change the filter, and clean the burners, electrodes, and pilot light to help prevent delayed ignition. This can make a big difference in your furnace’s performance.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance Annually

In conclusion, delayed ignition on a gas furnace is a problem that can be avoided with proper maintenance and cleaning. It is important to have your furnace professionally inspected and cleaned each year before turning it on. You should also regularly change the filter.

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